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To: root@par1.yourorg.com

Subject: Instant Capacity Exception Report

This message is being sent to inform you that your Instant Capacity

complex (containing the partition par1) is in an exception state based on

the following detected exceptions:

More cores active than expected

This complex is out of compliance with the Instant Capacity contract.

The listed exceptions must be corrected as soon as possible.

'More cores active than expected' means that the number of active cores

across the complex exceeds the number of core usage rights.For details of

core usage, use the icapstatus command.This exception state may be

corrected by: deactivating cores until the number of inactive cores

matches the global number of cores without usage rights, as reported by

icapstatus.Alternately, additional core usage rights can be purchased

for permanent activation, or temporary capacity (TiCAP) can be purchased

and applied to the complex.

NOTE: When a system is in an exception state, many system management

operations are likely to fail.These include, but are not limited to:

the ability to activate cores, the ability to manage hard

partitions (nPars), the ability to manage virtual partitions (vPars).

NOTE: One or more of the exceptions listed in this mail may be due to

assumptions made because of an inability to get complete information

(see icapstatus output for details).

In some cases, exception states arise when partitions are not shut

down properly, or have been loaded without Instabt Capacity software.

To eliminate these possibilities, do the following:

1) always use the "shutdown" command when shutting down a partition.

2) boot any partitions that may have been shutdown improperly.

3) ensure that all cells in the system are powered on.

4) ensure that Instant Capacity software is properly loaded and

configured on all partitions.

NOTE: An exception related to cells, memory, or cores may occur if a

cell containing inactive components is removed from the complex

(e.g. for repairs or upgrades).Because Instant Capacity compliance

requires that the number of inactive components on the complex must

match the number of components without usage rights, you may need

to adjust the number of inactive components on the complex if a cell

containing inactive components is removed.

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