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Instant Capacity を使う方法

Instant Capacity システムのステータスのチェック



icapstatus セッションの例 (HP-UX)


Software version: B.08.00.01
System ID: supericod
Serial number: 1234567890
Product number: A6912A
Unique ID: fffff-fff-ffffff-ffff
System contact e-mail: mjones@corp.com
From e-mail: Set to the default ('adm')
Asset reporting: on
Temporary capacity warning period: 15 days
Exception status: No exception

Local nPartition Status
Total number of configured cores: 8
Number of Intended Active cores: 7
Number of active cores: 6
Number of inactive cores: 2
Additional cores that can be assigned with current usage rights: 1
Number of cores that could be assigned with additional usage rights: 1
Number of cores that can be assigned with temporary capacity: 0
Number of cores that are deconfigured or attached to inactive cells: 0

Instant Capacity Resource Summary
Number of cells without usage rights: 0
Number of inactive cells: 0
Amount of memory without usage rights: 0.0 GB
Amount of inactive memory: 0.0 GB
Number of cores without usage rights: 4
Number of inactive cores: 6
Number of cores that must be deactivated (insufficient usage rights): 0
Temporary capacity available: 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes

Allocation of Instant Capacity Resources among the nPartitions
Intended Actual
nPar Total Active Active =======Inactive======= Runs
ID Cores Cores Cores Cores Memory Cells iCAP nPar Name
==== ===== ======== ====== ====================== ==== ======================
0 8 5 4 4 0.0 GB 0 Yes Partition 0
1 8 7 6 2 0.0 GB 0 Yes Partition 1 (local)
N/A 0 N/A N/A N/A 0.0 GB 0 N/A Unassigned Cells

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