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Temporary Instant Capacity
Temporary Instant Capacity の利用状況の追跡



temporary capacity 期限切れの注意喚起

Instant Capacity ソフトウェアは、temporary capacity の残量の使用期限を、現在の消費速度に
基づいて計算します。temporary capacity の残量が特定の残存日数になると (88 ページの

「Temporary Instant Capacity の警告期間」を参照 )、注意喚起の E メールメッセージが、自動

的にシステム担当者 ( 指定されている場合 ) と



temporary capacity が期限切れになるまで、1 日 1 回のペースで送信されます。次は、
temporary capacity 期限切れを知らせる E メールメッセージの例です。


temporary capacity 期限切れの注意喚起

To: root@par1.yourorg.com

Subject: Temporary Capacity Expiration Reminder


**** Failure to perform the following steps will result in the complex ****

**** attempting to deactivate cores on any booting partitions until ****

**** the complex is in compliance with the Instant Capacity contract. ****


This message is being sent to remind you that your Instant Capacity complex

(containing the partition krmt10b) has 3 cores currently consuming temporary

capacity (TiCAP) and that the temporary capacity balance at the current consumption rate is

projected to expire on or around:

05/31/05 16:00:00

You can view the current temporary capacity balance and consumption rate,

by using the icapstatus command.

To adjust the number of calendar days to receive the temporary capacity

warning before temporary capacity actually expires use: icapmodify -w

Before the temporary capacity balance runs out, you must perform one of the following


1. Purchase additional temporary capacity and apply the temporary

capacity codeword to the complex.

2. Deactivate cores until the number of inactive cores on

the complex matches the number of cores without usage rights,

reported by icapstatus.

3. Purchase additional core usage rights to match the number of cores

currently consuming temporary, and apply the Right to Use

codewords to the complex so that they can be permanently activated.

See the Instant Capacity User's Guide at /usr/share/doc/icapUserGuide.pdf

for more information.

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