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Temporary Instant Capacity
Temporary Instant Capacity の例外




temporary capacity の部分強制に対するエラーメッセージ

To: root@par1.yourorg.com

Subject: Instant Capacity enforcement notice

This message is being sent to inform you that, due to expiration of

temporary capacity, 1 additional core(s) were deactivated on your Instant

Capacity system (containing the partition par1) to bring the complex

into compliance.

Prior to deactivation, the number of active cores exceeded the number of

available core usage rights by 3.3 core(s) without usage rights were found to

be active in the complex.This state was likely the result of having activated

Instant Capacity core(s) using temporary capacity (TiCAP), and then allowing the

TiCAP balance to expire prior to deactivation of the core(s).

As a result, the intended active value was reduced by 1 and 1 core(s)

were deactivated.

There are currently 3 active core(s) and 1 core usage rights.This complex

is not in compliance with the Instant Capacity contract.Other partitions

may also experience core deactivation upon reboot until compliance is restored.

To bring the system back into compliance now, perform one or more of the

following steps:

1. Purchase additional temporary capacity and apply the temporary

capacity codeword(s) to the complex.

2. Deactivate cores until no cores are consuming temporary


3. Purchase additional usage rights to match the number of cores consuming

temporary capacity and apply the Right to Use codewords to the complex

so that they can be permanently activated.

To activate these 1 core(s) again, you can perform one of the

following actions:

1. Purchase additional temporary capacity and apply the TiCAP

codeword(s) to the complex, and use temporary capacity to

activate the core(s).

2. Deactivate cores in other partitions after the complex is in

compliance.This frees up core usage rights which can be used

to activate cores on this partition.

You can view the current temporary capacity compliance of your system by using

the icapstatus command.

See the Instant Capacity User's Guide at /usr/share/doc/icapUserGuide.pdf

for more information.

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